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Anonymous asked: "Why can not your admins share your stories?"

No, I said nobody is sharing, including us. I don’t know the reason but I guess out of lost interest? Really got no idea.

xx, #4

Anonymous asked: "I'm the one who said this when she announced she was leaving: I'm sure you girls can work it out. Please do. It sounds so selfish but this is one of my favorite blogs, and many other people's as well."

Oh trust me, we can not work this out. But it’s cute of you to send this in. There is far more wrong than a simple “she stole my gummy bears”, you know? Personally I am undecided about what to do with this blog.


Anonymous asked: "So both of you are leaving now? it's over?"

Not sure yet. I surely don’t want to let it die but it wouldn’t be fair if I run a blog alone when it was the vision of two.


Quick stop by to say that I won’t be active on here much longer. Seeing as there are huge differences in thought and mind between the two operators on here, I’m most likely going to shut this down or only stop in here every other week or month, if anything.

The main subject on here is, has always been and probably will be (for the near future) A7x and since Miss #4 is an expert when it comes to them, I’m not much use anyway.

You guys can see that nobody is sharing any stories, including us admins, and that after the fact that we always sign with our “names” has been ignored for a very long time now, things are complicated.

I will not let this blog be taken down though because of the stories you can read and I hope that the other admin, Miss #7, is fair enough to respect that. Not for my sake but for the curious people.

xx, #4

Anonymous asked: "I recently went to an Avenged show and had a VIP ticket. It got me early access and I was lucky enough to see Matt before the show, he was on stage with one of the Berry's. Despite getting lots of attention via smiles and being stared at, same during the show, (I was front row),nothing else came from it. I was told later by security that their fam's were there so no one was getting back stage, but I did get guitar picks from each of the guys and a lot of pent up sexual frustration from Matt :/"
Anonymous asked: "Just because he didn't sleep with you didn't mean he didn't sleep with someone else."
Anonymous asked: "To the anonymous who is desperate for news of M shadows: He did not sleep with anyone in Brazil. I know this because i'm brazilian and I went to the show and hotel!"
Anonymous asked: "I'm not seeing any stories about M shadows being posted, much less recent. You have it or not? Because I have not seen any! Show me the links, dear."

First of all, don’t call me dear, that shit gets me upset to no end.

I won’t show you anything, ‘sweet pea’. And I’m sorry if this comes off as rude but I hate to get approached in such a sarcastic manner.

I think it’s quite certain to say that he hooked up in Mexico (from what we got on here) and Brazil (from what I know). And if the girls involved don’t send in their stories then, well, sorry, but I can’t fly over there in a Tardis to travel back in time and watch everything to then write it down for you. You’ll have to live with those little facts for now, that’s as much of a ‘story’ as you’ll get. I never said anything about full detailed stories, so if these things are not enough for you then I’m sorry, can’t help you.

Anonymous asked: "Sorry if I'm reading too much into things but the "I don’t fancy to ever get any" and the "that guy" kinda make it seem like you don't like them anymore or something lol, or it might just be me < sorry (again) if it's me reading too much into things"

Haha, nooo, don’t worry. It’s not that I don’t like them anymore, they’re still one of my favorite bands but I gotta stay neutral when answering questions so I use phrases such as ‘that guy’.
The other thing is solely because I don’t fancy any of the guys, like … none of them is somebody that I would hook up with in case of the situation coming up. They’re all very attractive men, and while I used to think that two of them were quite the hotties, I’ve just kinda moved on with my taste, I guess. (:

Anonymous asked: "M shadows hooked up with a groupie the last time A7X went to mexico"

hey, tell me any recent story about shadows, I need to know that he still gets involved with groupies. he is not cheating valary???? thanks

First of all, rude. Second of all, this has been answered many times. Check the tags or the most recent posts.

Do you have more a7x stories (including Jimmy)? Have any stories yourself?

Only the stories/messages already posted. None myself with any of A7x and I don’t fancy to ever get any.

Something new about m shadows? Something story? Pls

Already … answered.

How about you calm down, everybody (these messages came in within less than 5 hours …). I think everything recent about that guy has already surfaced.

Anonymous asked: "Hi! This is a great blog! And I want to ask you; do you know of any groupie stories linked with Tokio Hotel? And how is the best way, as a groupie, to get together with Till Lindemann, singer of Rammstein? :)"

Why hello there! And thanks (:

Never heard of anything related to Tokio Hotel, probably because I don’t know anybody in their fandom. But it surely wouldn’t surprise me if they were busy in the groupie section, from what I know of them.

I have my doubts if Till is still up for this all. Heard that most of those guys calmed down.

Anonymous asked: "Anything on Joel Madden? Do he really cheat?"

Never heard of anything from him, sorry. Kinda doubt it.

Anonymous asked: "That is exactly what I wanted to know. Thank you! (:"

You’re welcome. Glad to help (:

Anonymous asked: "I've always been curious. How exactly is the "choosing girls" process? Could you give us some explanation on what goes on from start to finish (not 'finish' but you know what I mean) for us who have never been groupies?"

There are usually two ways for it.

1) One of the band members sees somebody in the crowd that he likes, mostly in the first row obviously, or people standing at the sides (cause he obviously can’t see much further than that). Then that guy tells one of his crew members who he’d like and they go up to the chick with a pass and hand it to her. Either they take her with them right away to the side of the stage, or backstage, or they tell her to keep the pass close and wait until the show is done at exactly that space so they can come and pick her up.

2) One of the crew members gets sent out into the crowd to search for girls for the guys. Obviously someone who knows what each guy prefers in a girl. Then he grabs a bunch of passes and walks around the crowd, checks the girls in the first row, in the back, further at the sides. They usually don’t go straight into the crowd, too messy and exhausting. And then they walk up to the girls and some are more persistent, some less. They either ask them first if they want to hang out with the guys, or they just hand them the passes without asking. And then the same thing. Either invite them backstage right away, or collect them at a certain place after the show.

Hope that answers your question. (:

Anonymous asked: "Did zacky vengeance sleep around on this past tour? Is he still active in the groupie world?"

He’s on the calmer side now, so I’ve heard. Nothing on him from this past tour, sorry.