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Anonymous asked: "That is exactly what I wanted to know. Thank you! (:"

You’re welcome. Glad to help (:

Anonymous asked: "I've always been curious. How exactly is the "choosing girls" process? Could you give us some explanation on what goes on from start to finish (not 'finish' but you know what I mean) for us who have never been groupies?"

There are usually two ways for it.

1) One of the band members sees somebody in the crowd that he likes, mostly in the first row obviously, or people standing at the sides (cause he obviously can’t see much further than that). Then that guy tells one of his crew members who he’d like and they go up to the chick with a pass and hand it to her. Either they take her with them right away to the side of the stage, or backstage, or they tell her to keep the pass close and wait until the show is done at exactly that space so they can come and pick her up.

2) One of the crew members gets sent out into the crowd to search for girls for the guys. Obviously someone who knows what each guy prefers in a girl. Then he grabs a bunch of passes and walks around the crowd, checks the girls in the first row, in the back, further at the sides. They usually don’t go straight into the crowd, too messy and exhausting. And then they walk up to the girls and some are more persistent, some less. They either ask them first if they want to hang out with the guys, or they just hand them the passes without asking. And then the same thing. Either invite them backstage right away, or collect them at a certain place after the show.

Hope that answers your question. (:

Anonymous asked: "Did zacky vengeance sleep around on this past tour? Is he still active in the groupie world?"

He’s on the calmer side now, so I’ve heard. Nothing on him from this past tour, sorry.

Anonymous asked: "Can you be specific about what happened with A7X and groupies in Brazil?"

Don’t think there’s much to specify. Ths usual routine. They go on tour, some girls get chosen for them, or by them, and they go back to the hotel with them. Nothing out of the ordinary.

To that Anon who sent in the message about M. Shadows, I’m not gonna publish it due to the name in it, but I’ve heard nothing from anything in Mexico, so far. Especially the name has never come up, so I’d say no.

Anonymous asked: "Hi, I have no story to submit, at least not yet. I just have one question: Do you know any history about A7X and Groupies during the tour they did in Brazil last month? The propostio, I LOVE your tumblr. Kisses and hugs"

Hey there.

I heard a little bit about their stop in Brazil and, as far as I’ve been told, there were groupies there with them.

And thanks for the compliment (:

Anonymous asked: "Thanks for all your advice, I think I was being over-keen in those other messages, but I've come back to reality now and I'm feeling pretty chilled about the situation. It was a good experience to have, so I can't ask for or expect any more really! So thankyou for being objective and honest about it!"

Anytime :) Good to hear you’re more relaxed about it all now. Glad I could help!

Anonymous asked: "He seems decent enough, but the don't all guys when they want something. I don't feel used or anything like that at all, but I'm also not naive as to what kind of role I have in someone like that's life. And you say no to sending nudes, would you suggest no to any kind of provocative photos even if your face is out of it?"

That’s true. But you can’t expect anything more or less from him than from any other guy as well. Only difference is that he travels around a whole lot more and meets a whole bunch of different people every day so some may not get stuck in his memory like others. You can only presume how well you’re still in his mind.
Considering the pics I’d say no … but then again, that’s my personal opinion. A little provocative is alright, but you gotta know when to draw the line. And always keep your face out of pics like that, that’s a must imo.

Anonymous asked: "Hi, I ended up being with a band member the night before last, I totally wasn't expecting it but everything was great and later on before I left he asked for my e-mail address and said he'd get in contact when they come back to our country in the summer. Do you think that I can honestly expect to hear from him, or is getting my hopes up a bad idea?"

That really always depends. Some people only do that to make you feel like you can expect something the next time they come around, or they were actually being sincere about it. That can only be judged if you properly know that person. I would certainly say that it is possible though, that you’ll hear from him. You shouldn’t get your hopes up too high, but the possibility is surely there if he’s a decent guy.

Anonymous asked: "Wut? I'm sure you girls can work it out, come on."

It’s not really like I have been participating the past months (for several reasons) so you’ll be fine. Anyone who wants to stay in contact with me just messages me their mail address and I shoot you a message!

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My goodbyes.

Since this blog started as a partner project but now evolved into a solo project without signatures and agreements, I’m leaving this blog.

I had great times here and I hope you continue enjoying this blog!
Much love to you.
xx, #4

Anonymous asked: "I have a story from many years ago with A7x, can I submit it through anon ask?"

Of course you can! Either that or submit it via mail to!


Anonymous asked: "How old are both of you? Been with any band ourself?"

We’re both in our 20s. And yes.


Anonymous asked: "Anything on Lordi?"
Anonymous asked: "So, you've heard things. Now I'm not asking for details as I know that's private and you wouldn't post them anyesy but did you hear details or more general stuff?"

More general stuff, basically. Mainly from when they were in Amsterdam (what a surprise), and I won’t go into detail, but I’ve also heard they’ve gotten more picky. Can’t tell what each of them prefers but they do choose properly by now, whereas they were rather random with the looks of the girls back in the days. The perks of becoming more successful internationally, I’d say.